Set your pace to Perfomance

At Octopus System Management, we’re committed to helping our clients quickly achieve returns on their technology investments. With flexible solutions that are easy to implement, clients can respond faster to changing conditions and accelerate their growth and innovation.

The simplification and streamlining of insurance processes is our driving mission and we carry this mindset into every client engagement. From our standardized requirements process that focuses on deviations from established standards to our maintenance and upgrade processes that highly leverage automated regression testing, we strive to simplify all aspects of the insurance experience

Speed to Value

We will help your organization move forward; at whatever pace your business requires.

Rapid Deployment

Getting going shouldn’t have to take forever, and with Octopus System Management as your technology partner, it doesn’t. Our solutions deploy rapidly and cost-effectively and configure intuitively, empowering your organization to move forward.

Investment Protection

Octopus System Management’s cloud-based platform enables our clients to quickly take advantage of solution updates and innovations, so their investment is protected.


Insurance industry organizations operate in a dynamic marketplace. Our extensible applications and easy integration with your own environment and third-party systems keep you ready to adapt to change.

One System, Many Features

Need a system to handle more than the policy lifecycle? Octopus System Management Integrated Suites
offer top-notch
policy administration along with billing and claims capabilities, and more.

Go Beyond Policy Administration

Policy Decisions

A Comprehensive Policy System
Policy Decisions is a modern, core platform that supports the full policy lifecycle for highly automated or
heavily underwritten products on one platform, serving all user types for all distribution channels.


Policy Decisions supports all of the features and content required for commercial lines, enabling our clients to quickly, get up and running.


Policy Decisions is highly configurable, allowing clients to quickly tailor the experience for your unique needs.

Reduced Risk

With Policy Decisions, insurers don’t have to worry about their policy administration system failing to keep up. We focus on the system and maintenance complexity so users can focus on their business.